Tours on horseback

In recent years, local residents attempt to revive the old traditions of Pelion, when the horses were the main means of transport and not only. The old regional road network was constructed so as to facilitate the movement of residents with horses. Today, these paths create scenic routes that can be crossed on horseback. Strolling […]

Ski & Winter Sports

On top of Pelion, at an altitude of 1471 meters, lies the ski resort Agriolefkes. The resort consists of five tracks with total length of 15km, overlooking the endless blue sky and sea. Four of these slopes approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS) for downhill skiing, while the fifth is an endurance road track […]

Hiking & Biking

Pelion is an ideal area for hiking. The beauty of the mountain with lush vegetation and picturesque villages, urge hikers to explore and discover its unknown beauty. Walking through the lush nature, unfolding beside the old cobblestones, the familiar streets, along with the paths that were the old road network of Pelion, through which animals […]