Beaches of Pelion

The position of Pacithea Villas is one of the most ideal for excursions to the beaches of Pelion, both from the side of Pagasitikos and on the side of the Aegean. The beaches are famous for their crystal clear waters and many have been awarded with the Blue Flag by the Greek Nature Preservation Company.

Pagasitikos beaches

Routes to the beaches:

Readily accessible and close to the beaches of Pagasitikos gulf combine intense tourist development with clear water. Here, swimming in the sea is accompanied by a cool breeze and fresh seafood, in an incredible landscape, where olive groves that descend the slopes that touch the water.

First is the Beach Koropi, the seaport of Milies, fully organized, with areas for recreation and meditation. Next you will find the famous Afissos, with beaches like Ampovos and Kallifteri where the combination of the deep blue waters of fine sand make the perfect setting to enjoy a swim watching the sunset. A bath at Kala Nera is necessarily followed by a visit to the fish tavernas of the village, next to the picturesque harbor, same with the next beach, Kato Gatzea whose location is ideal for walks on the beach. Finally, Lefokastro is one of the most picturesque coastal villages, with a wonderful beach and characteristic golden sand.

These are some of the most famous nearby coastal areas. Many other smaller beaches are hidden in the coves of Pagasitikos, waiting to be discovered.

Aegean beaches

On the eastern side of Pelion, the turquoise waters of the Aegean meet with the foot of mountain, full of wildlife and lush vegetation. The result is the creation of a unique coastal area, where sand, rocks, water and plants alternate so intensely that make the region unique in variety and beauty. Here the sun sets early, but the nights are truly magical.

One of the most famous beaches in the area is Milopotamos, with its famous rocks and small caves. Next to it, in a small bay surrounded by cliffs, is Fakistra, a beach with wild and primitive beauty. Shortly following Damouhari, a picturesque fishing village and famous destination, combining baths with fresh seafood next to the fishing boats. The cosmopolitan Agios Ioannis is ideal for swimming and diving in unique waters of the beach Papa Nero, with its huge sandy beach and Plaka, with small pebbles beside the towering rocks. Finally, the beach of Saranda has an extensive beach that characterizes the fine sand and also thin, white pebbles, in combination with the crystal waters of the Aegean.

These and many more beaches of East Pelion are places that must be visited by everyone. Their uniqueness turns a simple walk or a swim in experience hard to forget.

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