Pelion is an ideal area for hiking. The beauty of the mountain with lush vegetation and picturesque villages, urge hikers to explore and discover its unknown beauty. Walking through the lush nature, unfolding beside the old cobblestones, the familiar streets, along with the paths that were the old road network of Pelion, through which animals moved to transport people and goods. The cobbled streets were built by local builders and renowned Epirus stone craftsmen. Beautiful arched bridges and large public exceptional architectural design fountains adorn these routes. In later years, with the opening of a modern road network and the abandonment of trails in the dense and wild vegetation resulted in the destruction of many roads. Fortunately, in recent years, local agencies funded by the European Union and supported by the ESO, performed the reconstruction, maintenance, promotion, signage and mapping of 29 beautiful cobbled paths and trails of Pelion, with a total length of 190 km.

Pacithea Villas are a focal point of this network. The location is an ideal starting point for several routes.