In recent years, local residents attempt to revive the old traditions of Pelion, when the horses were the main means of transport and not only. The old regional road network was constructed so as to facilitate the movement of residents with horses. Today, these paths create scenic routes that can be crossed on horseback.

Strolling in Milies you will find Apostolia and Giannis, who with great passion and love are ready to introduce you and your family to this particular area through routes with their horses and to remind you of something from the old days the locals. The people who organize the tours are well aware of the traditional paths and trails that will lead you to beautiful walks in the mountains or by the sea.

By riding on horseback you will becoming one with the nature, you will pass through olive groves and streams, will run at the beach and you will come across stone bridges and traditional taps. The routes are fitting for both beginners or connoisseurs alike. For the more adventurous types, there are rough paths offered for unique experiences.

The routes are for both adult and younger guests and there are several options for destinations, depending on the time you have to spare. For more information about the tours on horseback, you can contact the responsible Ms. Apostolia Kotinopoulou.

Τel: 6972508197